Swing Left Election Night Survival Guide

Civic Baltimore • 6 November 2018

We've been working together to flip the House for nearly two years now. And on Tuesday, November 6th, we'll know the outcome.

It’s going to be emotional, and it’s going to be intense. But however you spend the evening, know that we’ve built an amazing, supportive community together.

In that spirit, here are our Election Night survival tips:


1. Stay active—and keep making calls until polls close everywhere.

Mute the TV. Get off social media. The pundits are just going to say “it comes down to turnout” and you already know that, anyway. Instead, keep making phone calls to the Swing Districts where you can still have an impact on voters, especially districts that are getting hit with bad weather right now.

Start calling voters in Swing Districts

See more of the guide on Swing Left website: https://swingleft.org/p/survival-guide

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